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Plus Size Knitted Women Clothing Selection And Tips.

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Plus Size Knitted Women Clothing Selection And Tips.

How To Choose Plus Size Knitted Women's Clothing?

1.Shrink color system:Choose shrinking colors, dark colors have a sense of contraction, light colors have a sense of expansion, and fat people should choose dark clothes as much as possible. Choose light-colored plus-size knitted women's clothing to pair better with shrunk darker clothing.

2.Model:Clothing should be the right size, not too tight, not too loose, and don't wear tights. Clothes that are too tight are uncomfortable, and too loose can make you look bulky, so fitting is the most important thing.

3.Body type:According to the body type, different people have different fat parts, so the clothes you buy should be aimed at the fat parts. For example, bat sleeves can cover the waist but will make the shoulders wider and the chest bigger. Therefore, it is suitable for MM with fleshy waist to try.

4.Fabric:The fabric is soft, comfortable and stiff. Don't choose too thick or too thin materials, because thick materials have expandability, too thin ones are easier to reveal your body shape.

5.Pattern:Simple patterns are more suitable. When choosing patterns, you should choose fabrics with small patterns and straight stripes. The colors are fancy, the patterns are complicated, and the people appear bloated invisibly, and the simple ones are more suitable.

6.Skirt length:Fat people have fat thighs, so it is not suitable to wear short skirts. "Ankle-length skirts" and "knee-length skirts" are more suitable. The skirts should not be lower than the knees, because the calves below the knees are generally not too fat.

What Are The Tips For Choosing Plus Size Knitted Women's Clothing?

1.Use black:Black is thin, it is well known. But the "Bond Girl" who is dressed in black from head to toe will only increase the volume and look bulky. Different levels of black or splicing a small amount of color in black can remove the heaviness of black and easily look thinner.

2.Simple design:Large-size knitted women's clothing should not be too complicated in design, and complicated decorations such as ruffles, wide belts, etc. will appear cumbersome and cumbersome. Concise models, embellished with details, can subtly divert attention away from the fat body.

3.Manufacturing waistline:The "waist line" plays a decisive role in the proportion of a person's body. Therefore, when purchasing large-size knitted women's clothing, choose some clothes with waist design to shape the proportion of your body. You can also use a belt to close your waist to achieve a slimming effect.

4.The degree of tightness:The loose-fitting body can help you cover up the excess flesh, and the lower body is matched with tight pants, which are loose on the top and tight on the bottom, which is the best way to match.

5.Accessories show thin:When wearing large-size knitted women's clothing, place the highlights above the waistline to achieve a slimming effect. The easiest way to do this is with necklaces. Pair with a long necklace to form a V-shaped slimming effect! Choose an eye-catching necklace for short necklaces and move the waistline.

6.Exposed flesh is thin:The dew here means that when wearing a large-size shirt, the top buttons can be unbuttoned to expose the collarbone, so as not to look fat. The collar of the dress should not be a small lapel, a small neckline, a large neckline, the larger and wider the neckline, the thinner it will appear!

7.Neat legs:From the thighs to the feet, keep it neat and tidy, cover what should be exposed, cover what should be covered, thick cover, thin exposed, thick thighs – cover, thin calves – exposed, it is best to wear skirts that can reach the knees, and wear The trousers should not be too long and should not have creases at the cuffs.

8.Shape the proportions:The proportion of upper and lower body is well divided, which is thin and fashionable. Short tops and long bottoms, large collars of tops, high waistlines of trousers (skirts), shallow high heels, etc. can all make you visually slim. High-heeled shoes Large-sized knitted women's high-heeled shoes are more effective, especially shallow high-heeled shoes. Because of the visually elongated feeling, the proportions will be adjusted to cover the flesh and look thinner.

Who Are The Plus Size Knitted Women's Clothing Suitable For?

Slightly obese people, pregnant women, puerperae, etc., can be calculated according to standard algorithms. The result obtained by subtracting 105 from the height in centimeters is the standard weight in kilograms. Use this number to subtract a person's weight in kilograms. If a positive number appears, it means that the person is thin. If a negative number exceeds 5 kilograms, it means that the person is obese. If it exceeds 12 kilograms, it is called obese and suitable for wearing. Plus size knitted women's clothing.

The above is about the explanation and selection skills of large size knitted women's clothing. Do you understand after reading it? I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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