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Gradient Color Sweater for Women

Size: S M L
Style: Commuter
Collar: Round neck
Color Category: Gray

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Workwear appropriate is a gradient sweater that is sturdy but not overly designed.

It's ideal for a daily commute or a stroll on a date.

The type that's suitable for daily use! Knit fabric that is twisted and textured—all the good adjectives go on it.

This sweater is flat and has a smooth, transparent touch! To bring out the elegance, the layers are three-dimensional and the knit line DU is extremely fine.

Fit is a little loose for an optical slimming effect! The garment is straightforward, sturdy, and elegant overall, with the round neck design changing the neckline.

can be used with many different high-waisted bottoms with ease.

Product details

Sleeve Type: Regular

Sleeve length: Long sleeve

Style: Pullover

Thickness: Thickened

Length: Regular

Clothing shape: loose type

Material composition: polyacrylonitrile fiber (acrylic) 52% polyamide fiber (polyamide) 28% polyethylene terephthalate (polyester) 20%.

Fabric Feeling: delicate and soft to fit the skin; drape smoothly to carry pilling.

Washing Tips: Do not pull hard; avoid rubbing with sharp objects.

Hand wash at a low temperature (<30°), avoid exposure to sunlight, and wash with separate colors.

sensitive; Warm Tips: The color of the clothes is sensitive; it will look a little different in different light conditions and darker in an indoor dark place.

Sweater for WomenGradient Color Sweater WomenGradient Sweater for Women

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