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What Are The Skills Of Choosing And Buying Woolen Sweater?

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What Are The Skills Of Choosing And Buying Woolen Sweater?

1.Check Size, Shape And Feel

Check the woolen sweater yarn slub and big knot; Are there any bad stitched, redundant thread ends;There are no holes, notches, beam color defects and oil stains.

2.Check The Cuffs,The Elasticity Of The Rib At The Hem

Available hand hold cuffs or hem, and then relax, see whether it can be very good recovery.At the same time, it should be noted that the shrinkage force of the ribbing of the cuffs or hem should not be too large, otherwise there will be a tight feeling when wearing.

3.Check The Quality Of The Seams

Special attention should be paid to the quality of seams at joint parts such as cuff cuffs, front and rear necklines, shoulder seams, and side seams.

During the inspection, hold the sides of the part to be inspected with your hands and pull slightly firmly so that the seams can be clearly displayed in front of the eyes.

4.Pay Attention To The Workmanship

Choose the sweater of the jumper, whether the elasticity of the collar is appropriate, whether there is no leakage needle at the sleeve, whether the color of the sleeve line is correct, and whether the thread is cleaned is the place of special attention.

Choose cardigan class, pay attention to the set of front opening mouth line color is correct, with and without leakage needle, needle button line is loose, the quality of the outermost, buttons and button eyes beneficial cooperation should also be noticed.

5.Choose A Large Size

The shrinkage rate of wool sweaters varies greatly due to the different raw materials and knotting structures selected, so you must understand the shrinkage rate when purchasing, and consider the size of the purchase based on this.

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