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New Clothes for Pet Dogs

Application: Dogs
Material: Taffeta
Pattern: Solid
Season: Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter
Design Style: Modern

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The pet clothes is very popular at present. For example:

1.Design concept of dog clothes: The design concept comes from a design team that manages pet clothes, combining the classic with the modern, so that the dog can convey a fashionable style.
2. Dog clothes draping: We select the experienced workshop team, strictly according to the pet clothes version and size of cutting, make the sewing more precise and neat.
3. Dog clothing fabric: High-grade environmental protection rainproof silk printed fabric, Durable and snug.
4.Quality assurance of dog clothes: The whole production process has strict requirements, exquisite workmanship, and the quality has passed the multi-level inspection.
Finally, the quality inspection will be sent to the production department, and the brand label will be printed to ensure the quality of each pet clothes.

clothes for pet dogs

ew clothes for pet dogs keep warmsize

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