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Dog Sweater Pullover Winter

Application: Dogs
Material: Polyester
Pattern: Solid
Season: Winter, Fall, Spring
Design Style: CLASSIC

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1. Cold and warm

The most important and basic function of pet clothes is to keep warm It is very easy to catch colds and colds. Putting clothes on pet babies can have a good effect of keeping warm.

2. Health and hygiene

Pet babies have the nature of depilation. After putting on pet clothes, you can avoid the bed and sofa from being covered with pet dander, which brings more cleaning convenience to the owner. Female pet dogs will have blood dripping during their physiological period. Wearing pet physiological pants will not only ensure the health and hygiene of the dog, but also avoid soiling the owner's floor. Therefore, more and more people choose to put on a well-fitting pet clothes for their pets.

3. Cute and beautiful

Pet lovers always like to dress up their pets beautifully. Of course, pet clothes are one of the indispensable decorations. Dress it up in fashionable and beautiful clothes, and it can instantly become a cute stunner to please its owner. Pet clothes are people's warm care for pet babies, meet the needs of emotional entertainment in people's life, and breed more and more rich pet clothing culture.


Size Chest girth Back leagth
XS 31cm/12.2'' 17cm/6.69''
S 36cm/14.17'' 21cm/8.27''
M 40cm/15.75'' 25cm/9.84''
L 46cm/18.11'' 30cm/11.81''
XL 51cm/20.07'' 35cm/13.78''
XXL 56cm/22.05'' 40cm/15.75''

Dog Sweater Pullover WinterWinter Pet Clothes for Pet DogsDog Clothes for Pet DogsDog SweaterPet Clothes for Pet Dogs

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