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Consider These 4 Factors When Selecting A Knit Sweater

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Consider These 4 Factors When Selecting A Knit Sweater

1. Material

The first element of choosing clothes is not the color, not the style, not the fashion, but the material. Clothes of good materials are not only a matter of wearing time, but also a matter of taste and literacy. Good materials are the foundation of many big European and American brands. How to judge whether the material is good or not? Look at the washing label! There are washing labels on the inside of the brand's clothes. The more sophisticated the logo, the better and more trustworthy the brand. The labels of good brands are clearly written, and the real first-line big brands often leave a bunch of threads of the same color and a piece of material of the same color for your appraisal. Wool, cotton, chemical fiber, you will know when you burn it. If the winter clothing is marked with acrylic spandex, you basically don't expect it to not ball up – that's impossible. Real pure wool will not pill, but pure wool will shrink. A wool that does not shrink is not a good wool. And don't expect anything in this world that is precious and not afraid of breaking.

2. Cutting

In addition to material, cutting Is also relatively important. If there is a problem with the material or cutting of a piece of clothing, it will be fatal. Good clothes often go to waste. For people who buy clothes, the materials can be seen, touched, picked, and cut to see if the joints inside are well done, and whether they are neatly wrapped around the edges. The kind of clothes without lining, burrs inside, and crooked thread ends will become garbage in a short time. It is better to choose jeans if you know how to cut. When you get a pair of jeans, in addition to the size and shape of the trousers, the most important thing is to look at the buttocks behind it, whether it covers the buttocks. The method is to clamp the two sections of the waistband with both hands and spread it with your fingers, so that the entire waistband of the trousers presents a barrel shape – if the back pocket of the trousers is flat, you should not buy it. The back is round, the wiring is smooth and a little slanted, like an upside-down V, these are good trousers, and they have a butt- lifting effect when worn.

3. Buttonhole

Another detail that identifies the workmanship is the buttonhole. Whether it is a jacket or trousers, look at the buttonholes first. Those with a pointed end and a rounded seam at the other end must be shipped by a large formal processing factory. Because that kind of round suture requires a special machine, one is 50,000 yuan, and generally small garment factories are not willing to buy it. If both ends are pointed, but the stitching is tight, the item should be passable. If the buttonholes are full of broken hair and the sewing is messy, then forget it!

4. Color

Talk about color. Everyone's color system is different, but they will also encounter the problem of color fading. There are many life tips on the Internet, such as adding salt and soaking, all of which are effective. Clothes that have faded will still fade no matter how they are treated. What I want to declare is that it is normal for clothes made of pure cotton fabrics to fade. Of course, if it is chemically treated before leaving the factory, the color fading can be greatly reduced, but please try to avoid wearing such clothes as close as possible. If you can wear cotton and linen, you still need to wear cotton and linen. The so-called chiffon or something, wear less! So don't take it off and don't fade as a standard to measure the quality of the clothes. You still need to look at the material and cutting.

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